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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Donald Trump: Not a good leader

Simply put, if Donald Trump wins the nomination, then as a republican, I'd rather vote for Hillary.

Donald Trump is ignorant, sexist, racist, vain. We cannot allow him to become the next 45th president of the USA. We simply cannot allow that to happen if we want to keep AMERICA STRONG.  He's all about "I'm winning every single poll and I will win this"
Donald Trump is completely ignorant and knows nothing about foreign policy, his platform does not work in the real world. Why would someone support someone as hateful, sexist, vain, ignorant as Donald Trump.

In today's world, Donald Trump is a dangerous politician, he will break every relationship America has and will leave us vulnerable to terrorist attacks. His immigration plan is not practical nor does he have a good health care plan moving forward. He said many times that there is no Global Warming (total ignorance) just look at the statistics and see for yourself. He wants to cut, cut, cut spending just for the sake of it and not to reduce our debt. Cutting education, social security for the elderly and future generations, increasing military spending and cutting global warming research programs, none of these senseless cuts (or increases) will even come close to reducing our national debt. Furthermore, these are crucial programs that Americans rely on. Unfortunately, Republicans have long been critical of Pentagon efforts to "go green" and reduce their reliance on fossil fuel-More recently the GOP has criticized President Obama for saying that global warming was as a bigger national security threat than terrorism.

If you want world peace, a thriving economy, a strong military, a good immigration reform that makes sense, a continued relationship with Israel and the world....then please, do not vote for Donald "Duck" Trump.


  1. Certainly you are not suggesting Rubio as President, that's so obvious....Guess it's OK, if we get another politician that makes promises & more promises and then does not keep them. No, I'm tired of politicians & have been for 50 years. Let's give the majority of the voters - the decision, not some rank, biased talking head for a journalist...

  2. Ciertamente no están sugiriendo Rubio como Presidente, que es tan obvio... Supongo que está bien, si conseguimos a otro político que hace promesas y más promesas y luego no mantenerlos. No, yo estoy cansado de los políticos y han sido durante 50 años. Vamos a darle la mayoría de los votantes - la decisión, no un rango, sesgada parlantes para un periodista...

  3. He is ccomming strong as never
    ... Keep America Great ....again
    even in with a pandemic.
    Donald Trump will preveal...
    .... Let's Go In 2o2o ! anew.

  4. That'all ....
    Let's get rid off this killing virouses and Keep the precaussions againt the enemy
    .... God bless America and the World ........... " Nick