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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Ted Cruz suspended his campaign for president! Now what....Trump's path is now clear. The Republican candidate for president this year will be a proudly ignorant reality TV star who has built his entire campaign on: racial, religious, AND sexist bigotry; trafficking in extreme, and even nonsensical, conspiracy theories; and the promise of unconstitutional attacks on Americans' rights.

He's not a wild card anymore, Now he's real, but here's what we know: We KNOW that if Trump wins, and becomes president, HATE will have won a tremendous victory. We also know that he will pull certain parts of the right-wing fringe like white supremacist leaders into the mainstream political process. We KNOW that for all the promises Trump has made on the campaign trail, one promise he will keep is his promise to let the Radical Right  essentially dictate his Supreme Court nominations.

We will be looking at nothing less than a TRUMP Supreme Court for decades -- with Trump leaving his stamp on the judicial branch just as clearly as it lives on the outside of one of his casinos. This would mean, without a doubt, America's road to perdition..
...Think, Think, Think. Act, Act, Act.....Because there's still time to FIGHT FOR AMERICA!

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