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Sunday, September 18, 2016


Donald Trump derided former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, calling the national security official a "clown" and a "mess."

The attacks came after Mr. Gates expressed concern about Trump's readiness to be commander-in-chief. Gates wrote that although both candidates have credibility problems, Trump himself is in a league of his own and beyond repair on security issues.

"Mr. Trump has been cavalier about the use of nuclear weapons," Gates opined. "He has a record of insults to servicemen, their families and the military, which he called a 'disaster.' He has declared our senior military leaders 'reduced to rubble' and 'embarrassing our country' and has suggested that, if elected, he will purge them—an unprecedented and unconscionable threat. As of late, he appears to be rethinking some of these positions but he has yet to learn that when a president shoots off his mouth, there are no do-overs."

The Republican continued his attack on the former defense secretary at a Colorado rally later that night. "We had a clown today, an absolute clown, Robert Gates," Trump told a crowd.

Donald Trump is not fit to be President for many reasons: Temperament, credibility,
transparency (where's his tax return), false agenda and flip-flops.

Who's the real clown?

Monday, August 8, 2016

A MORMON Launching a third-party presidential bid?

A former CIA operations officer and chief policy adviser for the House Republican Conference on Capitol Hill announced Monday that he is launching a third-party presidential bid.
His name is Evan McMullin, 40, and he will file paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission as a presidential candidate on Monday, CBS News confirmed.

"In a year where Americans have lost faith in the candidates of both major parties, it's time for a generation of new leadership to step up," McMullin said in a statement on his official Facebook page. "It's never too late to do the right thing, and America deserves much better than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can offer us. I humbly offer myself as a leader who can give millions of disaffected Americans a better choice for President."

He has little chance of winning the White House, however, because the deadlines to get onto states' ballots have already passed in 26 states, including in battlegrounds like North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and large states like Illinois and Texas. He could potentially get onto roughly 26 state ballots, but it could also be a maximum of about 16 because more states have deadlines this week.

He already launched a website for his presidential bid Monday, asking supporters to sign up and join his campaign, as well as social media accounts.

McMullin publicly criticized Trump recently on Twitter.
Authoritarians like @realDonaldTrump use promises of law & order to justify infringing on civil rights as they consolidate control by force.

— Evan McMullin (@Evan_McMullin) July 22, 2016
Since January 2015, McMullin has served as the chief policy director for the House Republican Conference in which he has specifically focused on foreign affairs, national security, finance, government reform, healthcare, technology, natural resources and women's empowerment, according to his LinkedIn page. Previously, he served as a senior adviser on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Before coming to Capitol Hill, he worked as an investment banking associate at Goldman Sachs in San Francisco for three years.
For more than a decade -- between 1999 and 2010 -- McMullin worked as an operations officer for the CIA in which he "managed clandestine operations related to counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, energy, political stability, and counterintelligence, while serving mostly in hostile environments," his LinkedIn says. On Facebook, it says he volunteered for overseas service in the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa.

In 2001, he volunteered as a refugee resettlement officer for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Amman, Jordan. He also served as a Mormon missionary in Brazil, his Facebook page says. I personally think he's a bit too late to jump in the wagon, after all, he'll be wasting his time and money!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Ted Cruz suspended his campaign for president! Now what....Trump's path is now clear. The Republican candidate for president this year will be a proudly ignorant reality TV star who has built his entire campaign on: racial, religious, AND sexist bigotry; trafficking in extreme, and even nonsensical, conspiracy theories; and the promise of unconstitutional attacks on Americans' rights.

He's not a wild card anymore, Now he's real, but here's what we know: We KNOW that if Trump wins, and becomes president, HATE will have won a tremendous victory. We also know that he will pull certain parts of the right-wing fringe like white supremacist leaders into the mainstream political process. We KNOW that for all the promises Trump has made on the campaign trail, one promise he will keep is his promise to let the Radical Right  essentially dictate his Supreme Court nominations.

We will be looking at nothing less than a TRUMP Supreme Court for decades -- with Trump leaving his stamp on the judicial branch just as clearly as it lives on the outside of one of his casinos. This would mean, without a doubt, America's road to perdition..
...Think, Think, Think. Act, Act, Act.....Because there's still time to FIGHT FOR AMERICA!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Donald Trump: Not a good leader

Simply put, if Donald Trump wins the nomination, then as a republican, I'd rather vote for Hillary.

Donald Trump is ignorant, sexist, racist, vain. We cannot allow him to become the next 45th president of the USA. We simply cannot allow that to happen if we want to keep AMERICA STRONG.  He's all about "I'm winning every single poll and I will win this"
Donald Trump is completely ignorant and knows nothing about foreign policy, his platform does not work in the real world. Why would someone support someone as hateful, sexist, vain, ignorant as Donald Trump.

In today's world, Donald Trump is a dangerous politician, he will break every relationship America has and will leave us vulnerable to terrorist attacks. His immigration plan is not practical nor does he have a good health care plan moving forward. He said many times that there is no Global Warming (total ignorance) just look at the statistics and see for yourself. He wants to cut, cut, cut spending just for the sake of it and not to reduce our debt. Cutting education, social security for the elderly and future generations, increasing military spending and cutting global warming research programs, none of these senseless cuts (or increases) will even come close to reducing our national debt. Furthermore, these are crucial programs that Americans rely on. Unfortunately, Republicans have long been critical of Pentagon efforts to "go green" and reduce their reliance on fossil fuel-More recently the GOP has criticized President Obama for saying that global warming was as a bigger national security threat than terrorism.

If you want world peace, a thriving economy, a strong military, a good immigration reform that makes sense, a continued relationship with Israel and the world....then please, do not vote for Donald "Duck" Trump.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gloria Alfonso, To Fall in Love, Festival de #ViñadelMar 1989, Competencia Internacional festivaldevinachile

Este fue unos de los momentos mas impresionantes de mi carrera artistica, el dia que interprete mi cancion "To Fall in Love" representando a Estados Unidos. He tenido muchas satisfacciones profesionales en mi vida, pero la musica fue-es-y sera la mejor de todas.

Espero les guste el tema y hagan comentarios. Mi nombre fue Barthelemy por honrar a mi abuelo por parte de mi mama (migrated from Germany to Cuba...imigro a Cuba de Alemania) .  Despues del Festival, una disquera lanzo mi primer CD titulado "Ven Amame." Tema que fue grabado mucho despues por el cantante Ecuatoriano DANILO ROSERO, y que ademas tuvo mucho exito en Ecuador y Mexico.

Les dejo el video para que disfruten la cancion tanto como la disfrute cuando me subi al escenario en Vina Del Mar frente a un publico de 20,000 personas. Ese mismo festival presento en exclusiva a Roberto Carlos, Emmanuel y REO Speedwagon de USA.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Story of a Dog Walker living the AMERICAN DREAM

 This is a great story of the American Dream. The American Dream is the hearbeat of our collective ethos. For generations it has promised that through hard work (work smart instead) each of us has the opportunity for success and prosperity.

If you live in New York City, you probably don’t have a backyard that your dog can access through a pet door when he wants to go out and stretch his legs or use the “facilities.” And if you’re like many dog owners in the city, you want your dog to be able to go for a walk while you’re at work.

The late Jim Buck is considered to have started the first dog walking business in NYC. He started it on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in the early 1960s, when he saw an unmet need and capitalized on it. Today, the dog walking business is worth around $907 million, growing more than 3% a year, according to research firm IBISWorld

Dog walkers are much more prevalent throughout New York City today, but “it’s still a niche market. Foreigners take pictures of us,” says Ryan Stewart, who has a dog walking business called Ryan for Dogs in Long Island City, Queens, which is just across the East River from midtown Manhattan.

Stewart, 45, was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and moved to the U.S. when he was 3. He moved to New York City when he was a teenager because he got a scholarship to be a dancer with Alvin Ailey. After getting lymphoma at 19, he went through chemotherapy and lost his passion and drive to continue pursuing dancing professionally. In his 20s, he acted in commercials and spent some time as a waiter. But he was always good with dogs — his family had dogs and cats when he was growing up — and after watching a trainer work with the dog that his girlfriend owned at the time, he had the confidence to train dogs himself.
The dog-owner relationship has evolved
In his early 30s he decided that dog walking would provide more steady income. He also realized that training was extra challenging because it was harder to train the dog owners than the dogs. When the training is over, it’s up to the owners to continue being disciplinarians. “Changing the behavior of the owners is extremely difficult,” he says.

When asked about how dog owners have changed, Stewart gets philosophical. Society, he says, is increasingly isolated. “So people get a dog and shower all their love on this dog because they’re not getting human interaction.” And the dog-owner relationship has also become much closer. In the 1960s, dogs stayed in a doghouse in the backyard. Now they sleep on the bed, he says.
And perhaps worst of all, he says many owners now have webcams in their apartments to monitor their pets. “It’s especially creepy when the owners talk to me through the webcams — ‘No, the leash is on the left!’” he says. 

Yet Stewart says all this pampering doesn’t even make dogs happier. They’re treated like kings and they think they’re kings, but then they don’t get to call the shots.  So he offers these tips:
5 ways to be a better dog owner
    Don’t allow pets in your bed.
    You eat first. “When you’re finished with your meal, then you feed your dogs. Believe me, that’s a clear sign to them,” he says.
    Don’t make a big deal out of coming and going. “Just leave. No treats or carrying on. Then there’s less of a big difference between you being there and you being gone.”
    Go out the door first when you’re walking with your dog to show who’s the boss.
    Ask yourself: Would you let your child get away with this?
He says the overall theme when dealing with your dog is: Be the alpha, because “dogs are not democratic.”But of course owners who are prone to pamper their pets are often willing to pay someone to walk them during the day. 
How much dog walkers can earn
Stewart says he could have grown his business into “a dog walking empire.” But he says “there’s a tipping point — where you manage people more and dogs less — and that’s not what I signed up for.”

He now has three employees who walk dogs for him, and he doesn’t plan to hire any more. He pays them a salary instead of an hourly wage and often works with them. He charges customers $15 per walk — the going rate in Long Island City — and walks between 40 and 50 dogs every Monday through Friday, mostly between 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

He knows a solo dog walker in his neighborhood who makes $2,000 a week by working 35 to 40 hours a week. And he knows a dog walker with employees who makes $150,000 after paying his employees. And Stewart says he makes about $110,000 a year — after paying his expenses and employees — while working 25 hours a week. “It’s full-time time pay for part-time work. I think everyone would want that,” he says, adding, “I’m doing something that I love and I have time to go to school at night.”

He is taking writing classes at The New School and would like to write young adult novels, and he has an idea for a book called, “Advice from the dog pack,” which would cover things dogs have taught him that have helped him in life.

If any of his books make a lot of money, though, he says he would give it away. “Now you see why I’m good with dogs. I’m not all about the money,” he says.

What makes a good dog walker
    Be present. “If you’re texting, you don’t know if a dog is eating a chicken bone off the street,” he says.
    Like dogs. “They know if you don’t.”
    Pay attention to detail. “Know if a dog only likes to pee on grass,” for example.
    How you arrange a group of dogs is important. “You want the shy dogs on the outside and the troublemakers close. Like in school, when troublemakers are put in the front row.”

In the end, Stewart says dogs are like professional poker players. “In high stakes poker, the other players know if you have a good hand. Dogs are like that too. They just look at you.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gira de Maná entre las más lucrativas en EEUU

La gira "Cama incendiada" de Maná es una de las más lucrativas del momento en Estados Unidos.
El grupo mexicano ha recaudado un promedio de 1,1 millones de dólares en cada ciudad por la que ha pasado y actualmente ocupa el décimo lugar de la lista, que encabezan los Rolling Stone con una recaudación promedio de 7,8 millones de dólares.
Violetta, personaje de Disney interpretado por la actriz y cantante argentina Martina Stoessel, y el superastro de la bachata Romeo Santos también figuran en la lista, en los puestos 14 y 15 respectivamente.

A continuación la lista de las 20 giras musicales, que incluye ingresos promedio de taquilla por ciudad y promedio de costo por boleto para conciertos en Estados Unidos y Canadá.

La lista se basa en información proporcionada a la publicación especializada Pollstar por promotores de conciertos y gerentes de locales. Todos los montos son en dólares.

1. The Rolling Stones; 7.788.380 dólares; 172,25 dólares.
2. Taylor Swift; 4.964.791; 113,08.
3. Kenny Chesney; 2.860.877; 89,45.
4. Fleetwood Mac; 2.578.927; 122,57.
5. Bette Midler; 1.400.546; 127,44.
6. Neil Diamond; 1.326.623; 100,76.
7. Ed Sheeran; 1.261.962; 64,63.
8. Rush; 1.248.474; 87,83.
9. Shania Twain; 1.187.202; 96,40.
10. Maná; 1.138.505; 101,43.
11. Herbert Grönemeyer; 1.120.146; 56,84.
12. Dave Matthews Band; 1.115.541; 58,16.
13. Phish; 1.109.401; 55,40.
14. Violetta; 1.085.801; 62,55.
15. Romeo Santos; 919.372; 85,25.
16. Nicki Minaj; 653.854; 45,00.
17. 5 Seconds Of Summer; 653.233; 52,46.
18. New Kids On The Block; 631.933; 60,01.
19. Mötley Crüe; 628.307; 70,57.
20. Mark Knopfler; 625.933; 72,62

Ganan bastante dinero pero tambien trabajan muy duro, solo complacer al publico es un gran reto, yo se porque pase por esa experiencia cuando quede finalista en el Festival de Vina del Mar Chile, ademas de muchos otros festivales como OTI Internacional.

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