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Sunday, November 15, 2020


President Trump is impeding the transition and ignoring the surging coronavirus pandemic that caused this year's recession. Barring an improbable sweep of two runoffs for Georgia Senate seats in early January, Biden will definitely face stiff resistance of his economic and other ambitious agenda for growth from a  Republican-controlled Senate.  

However, the economy is better- positioned to recover now with Biden than it was then. Simply replacing an erratic, fumbling administration with an experienced, serious minded-one--whether Biden gets much through Congress or not--should speed the recovery.

The economy is still short 10 million jobs it had in February. The fall resurgence of the virus threatens to halt the recovery in the remaining weeks of 2020. Biden has an aggressive COVID 19 plan once he takes office, if we get control of the virus, the economy will recover on its own.

A new coronavirus relief package could ameliorate the near-term threat of intensified economic suffering. By year-end, millions face the expiration of unemployment benefits and evictions protections from earlier pandemic legislation such as PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Hundreds of thousands of public employees face the threat of layoffs by state and local governments starved of tax revenue but required by law to balance their budgets. 

Even a smaller stimulus package now would boost the 2021 economy than by seeking a larger one when Biden takes office.

Biden aims to reverse the tax-cuts and deregulatory steps that business interest have applauded throughout Trump's term. However, corporations and Wall Street have also signaled they welcome a turn away from Trump's impulsive trade wars and erratic behavior. The calm and good spirit that Biden brings removes uncertainty. 



Saturday, November 14, 2020


 Thousands of conservatives have gathered in downtown Washington DC, for a major protest of the election results. The people are packed in, filling more than a block of Pennsylvania Avenue- just blocks from the White House. Many of those attending are not wearing masks, but a good number are seeing with face coverings.

Several groups are sponsoring the protest and range from everyday supporters of President Trump to some groups identified as far right, white supremacists, or know to peddle conspiracy theories. Those who had gathered hours before the event kicked off were excited when President Trump's motorcade drove by the scene. Some of them ran towards his limousine as it passed by the scene.

A National Park Service permit was issued for one of the events with its organizers saying as many as 10,000 protestors could be attending, but it's unclear how many people will actually show up.

Trump tweeted it was "heartwarming" to see protests against the election results happening, including the one in DC, and said he might drop by to "say hello" but there's no mention of it on his Saturday schedule. President Trump is once again tweeting that Congress should pass a Covid-19 relief bill, saying it should be "big and focused," which seems to combine Democrat and Republican wishes from an additional stimulus package.  "Congress must do a Covid Relief Bill. Needs Democrats support. Make it big and focused. Get it done!" Trump tweeted Saturday morning.

If a stimulus bill is passed, it will create millions of jobs and income by generating more consumers. The point of stimulus is to increase economic growth and thereby generate more jobs. GET IT DONE! 

CNN Politics-Sara Sidner, Julia Jones, Mallory Simon and Jason Hoffman


Wednesday, November 11, 2020




As the weaknesses of President Trump's legal cases to overturn Joe Biden's win become clearer, Republicans are talking more about the Electoral College-hinting at an extreme last-chance way for Trump to cling to power.

WHAT WE'RE WATCHING: In this long-shot scenario, Trump and his team could try to block secretaries of state in contested states from certifying results. That could allow legislatures in those states to try to appoint new electors who favor Trump over Biden.

>One lawyer familiar with the process said: It's basically hijacking the democracy." "They've got nothing else; you'd be trying to deny Joe Biden the 270." In this case the 279 electoral votes that Biden won.

>If Trump were to pursue this course, it likely would become apparent the week leading up to Thanksgiving, as states face deadlines to finalize election results. Trump tweeted yesterday "we will win"

Trump has not directly said he would pursue this strategy. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo each noted on Tuesday that the election results don't become official until electors cast their votes next month.

Biden's status as president-elect is based on raw vote totals reported by individual states. Those totals don't become official until states certify them. The Constitution prescribes that those official results will be used to apportion electors who officially pick the president.

>"At some point here, we'll find out finally who was certified (the winner) in each of these states, and the Electoral College will determine the winner and that person will be sworn in on January 20," McConnell said. "No reason for alarm."

>One senate leadership aide said McConnell was not signaling an elector strategy and was simply noting that it's not uncommon for there to be litigation before the Electoral College results are complete.

>Pompeo, who raised questions with a line about how there would be a "smooth transition to a second Trump administration," independently raised the Electoral College during a State Department news conference. "When the process is complete, there's going to be electors selected," he said. "There's a
process; the Constitution lays it out pretty clearly."

This is how it works: If a lawsuit successfully stops certification of results in a state, legislators there could step into the void and pick a pro-Trump slate of electors.

>The lawyer to speak about the scenario, said Trump's team now appears to be trying to throw enough dirt at the process for counting late ballots to argue that accurate results can't be ascertained.

>The next step could be to try to get federal or state courts to enjoin secretaries of state from certifying results.

>Any move to provide an alternative slate of electors could force the first real test of the Electoral Count Act of 1887 and could land before the Supreme Court.

>Among the key swing states, Arizona and Georgia have GOP governors and legislatures, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have Democratic governors but GOP legislatures.

"This is a horrible idea, one that should be morally repugnant to every American," elections law expert Edward B Foley wrote recently in The Washington Post.

>"For a state legislature to reclaim this power after voters have already cast their own ballots would be an even more egregious intrusion into the democratic process."

Conclusion: Even if the GOP was able to get injunctions, it would be an arduous legal process before legislatures could take the matter into their own hands.

>"How many compliant judges are going to throw themselves on the ground in front of that train?" the lawyer said. "And how many legislatures are going to go along with it?" Instead, he said, Trump may try to "scare the living bejeezus out of everyone to gain leverage and then cut a deal for him and his family." 

To all Republican senators and as a republican I'd say, get you act together because your party is at risk of losing credibility, respect and accountability, so let's puncture this trial balloon, quickly and decisively, and let the people, not state legislatures, decide who will be their next president, already chosen by the people president-elect Joseph Biden. 

Let's not forget that during this hideous judicial process, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could claim the right to serve as acting president starting on January 20 for as long as Senate Republicans fail to recognize Biden's status as president-elect based on the popular vote in the relevant states, and in Pennsylvania alone Biden won over 4 million of the popular votes.  So don't count on Congress to settle a close US  presidential election. 

Biden exceeded the electoral votes required and the popular votes were substantially higher as well, making this charade of lawsuit games a
 non-contestable claim.



Saturday, November 7, 2020



Congratulations to Joe Biden who will face a challenging economic and social instability in our country, I have no doubt that he will overcome those challenges.

Joseph Biden Jr defeated President Donald Trump to become the 46th president of the United States on Saturday, positioning himself to lead a nation gripped by a historic pandemic and a confluence of economic and social turmoil.

His victory came after more than three days of uncertainty. Biden crossed 270 Electoral College votes with a win in Pennsylvania.

Trump refused to concede, threatening further legal action on ballot counting in several states.

Biden staked his candidacy less on  any distinctive political ideology but around the notion that Trump posed a threat to American democracy, which proved effective, resulting in pivotal victories in Michigan, Wisconsin as well as Pennsylvania.

Kamala Harris also made history as the first Black woman to become vice president and the highest- ranking woman ever to serve in government.

Trump is the first incumbent president to lose reelection since Republican George HW Bush in 1992.

Trump's refusal to concede has no legal implications. But it could add to the incoming administration's challenge of bringing the country together after a bitter election. The nation has a long history of presidential candidates peacefully accepting the outcome of elections.

This is a nation under God indivisible with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. May God Bless the United States of America and may God Bless the 46h President of the United States.



Tuesday, November 3, 2020



The stakes are high tonight when we will know what direction our country is heading, our country is restive amid a devastating pandemic, protests for racial justice, and the growing power of baseless conspiracy theories. Upon reflection these are the values I believe are on the table moving forward.

We should always condemn division, distortion, violence, racism, hatred, bigotry, foreign government intrusion, poor leadership and lack of common sense, infringement of voter's rights, instigators of fear, divisiveness,  and harsh policies that affect our nation. 

I believe in the 'real' America, in the humbleness of our nation and our people, I believe in loving one another and in the basic principles of democracy.

I believe in our form of government to lead in good spirit and believe that the American people will make this election a historic event never to be forgotten.

And finally, I believe that we are a nation under God indivisible with liberty and JUSTICE FOR ALL!   



Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Philadelphia's district attorney on Wednesday threatened President Donald Trump if he sent "uncertified" poll watchers to the city, telling him in a statement, "I've got something for you" if any attempts are made to interfere with Election Day activities. In a fiery statement posted on his website, District Attorney Larry Krasner likened Trump to a "lawless, power-hungry despot," and vowed that Philadelphians "will not be cowed."  

Krasner said that Trump's administration supposedly poses "the greatest danger to public health and safety in modern history." As proof, he pointed to the more than 227,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said he would not let the president "interfere" with the "will of the people," while characterizing the president as a "bad actor."

"Whoever wins will be respected Trump or Biden" Shapiro said of the state's election results. "We need to drown out the president's rhetoric and ignore the doubt that he is trying to sow about this election and make a plan to vote TODAY, whether you choose to vote by mail, you choose to vote at an election satellite center early, or whether you choose to vote on Election Day."

In his statement, Krasner said that his office is continuing to work with its partners "in law enforcement and government to ensure every voter gets to vote and that every vote is counted," Krasner said "KEEP YOUR PROUD BOYS, goon squads, and uncertified 'poll watchers' out of our city, Mr. President. Break the law here, and I've got something for you."

Krasner alleged that Trump, rather than "working with cities and states to improve accountability and efficacy in policing," is seeking instead to "throw gasoline on a long-burning fire in order to provoke further unrest and violence ahead on an election he is terrified to lose."

Fox News- Brittany De Lea


Friday, September 25, 2020



By Bobby Caina Calvan, Associated Press (AP)

TALLAHASSEE, Fl.--Gov. Ron DeSantis lifted all restrictions on restaurants and other businesses in Florida on Friday in a move to reopen the state's economy despite the spread of the coronavirus.

"We're not closing anything going forward," DeSantis said, while insisting that the state is prepared with plans in place if infections increase again. 

The Republican governor's move is sure to stoke debate in a politically crucial state, where the pandemic has become intertwined with the upcoming presidential election. DeSantis is a major ally of President Donald Trump.

DeSantis took the action even as he acknowledged that the pandemic was far from over.

Florida has long been a COVID-19 hotspot, with nearly 700,000 people infected by the virus since the pandemic began in March. Nearly 14,000 Floridians have died.

The closures battered the economy, leaving hundreds of thousands of Floridians unemployed. DeSantis has slowly reopened the state for business since then, allowing restaurants and bars to reopen at half capacity, even as the pandemic continues to spread.