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Friday, December 11, 2020



I was appalled to learn that Rep. Mario Diaz Balart was included on the 100+ list of representatives behind the corruption to overturn a fair and square election, it is shameful, it is wrong, it is un-American and unconstitutional.

A conspiracy never seen before in this country. All of those Republican members of the House of Representatives including Mario Diaz Balart from Florida in support of a Texas lawsuit filed with the U.S Supreme Court that seeks to overturn Biden's victory, was dismissed today.

Representatives are elected by the people in the states they serve, supporting the lies of unsubstantiated accusations about the voting in four states, and supporting Trump's evilness rooted in their minds, will have serious consequences. As a republican I will never forget the evil scheme plotted to undermine our free election and our democracy, because Biden won with 80+million votes mine included.

No one will take our right to vote, no one will manipulate our voting system, it is too much and ENOUGH. Stop the conspiracy theory from a wannabe dictator clinching to power, it will not work in this country, we will stand by vigilantly and ready to fight back.

This is an abuse and violation of judicial process and no one is above the law. Continue with the farce and we the people have something for you.

You lost! And now you're trying to steal the very same election you legally lost? The Supreme Court did not hear your frivolous lawsuit aimed at disenfranchising the legitimacy of the election. Trump and Republicans know that there's no evidence of fraud, the mere idea to stay in power sounds like he's attempting to stage some kind of political coup. Act like this is our first coup, if we want to be sure that it's also our last.    

As for the AG's backing this unconstitutional claim, your responsibility is to your state and the rule of law.  Furthermore, Trump supporters will have no option but to turn the page and move on. It is over for Donald Trump, you lost! Respect the American People and our Electoral Process. Get over it! Sooner than later.   

Gloria Alphonso


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