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Wednesday, December 30, 2020



Mitch McConnell was the only person holding back the Covid Relief Aid so much needed for the millions of unemployed, hospitals, businesses, local & state governments and Covid 19 resources including the distribution of vaccines to fight this raging pandemic virus, and now he blocks the $2,000 stimulus check as part of Covid-19 relief package that was signed into law on Sunday.  

Georgians, this is your chance and the only opportunity to take control of the Senate, keep voting early and let us see a massive turnout on January 5th, this is a must-have Christmas present.

More than 2.3 million people had already cast their ballot early, in person or by absentee ballot, by Tuesday morning, particularly among African American voters, and the continued engagement of younger voters, especially first time voters in their 20's registered as Democrats. 

The only way to help Biden enact important legislature and move his agenda forward including a  Covid Relief Package that's sizable to boost our ailing economy, is by having a Democratic Senate majority that sends the right message to those Republicans opposing a new Relief Aid to help all Americans survive these few months of economic instability, and most likely all of next year.

GEORGIA vote as if your lives depend on it....BECAUSE IT DOES!  

Gloria Alphonso

Miami Review News

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