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Friday, July 12, 2019


It is illegal to dump dogs like trash in the Redland area in South Florida Homestead. If you see someone dumping, abusing, need to call 311 immediately. If you see something say something! Local authorities have a civic duty and responsibility for the welfare of the communities and an important function for the control and protection of the Animals as well as Environmental, it is imperative to revisit, change and enforce Animal Cruelty Law already in place in Miami Dade County. Make laws stricter and stronger, increase penalties and fines instead of slap on the wrist.

This is a serious crime and it needs to stop, our animals deserve more protection from irresponsible  people. Our community is requiring protection and accountability.

Constituents voted 65% approving the Pet Trust and Mayor Gimenez along with kill shelter Alex Munoz did nothing about these animals allowing them to die painful deaths in the streets, the Redlands, The Everglades, Naranja rather than overwhelm the shelter and tank their lie of 93%. Alex Munoz needs to send not only their MDAS employees as far south as Homestead but he also needs to go himself, he lies and claims he does, all fake news. Getting salaries and benefits without doing their jobs, not helping the community and not delivering the promised vote from all of us constituents who put Gimenez in office over 5 years ago.

Shame on Gimenez for his incompetence. A new humane management be instilled not with a governmental hack like Munoz but an experienced and responsible Shelter Director.

Enough is Enough! Get your butt moving and fund the Pet Fund Trust not colluding with Munoz to unfund it. 



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