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Saturday, November 4, 2017


Gloria Alfonso / Miami Review News
I  finally had the privileged of being invited to the opening night of Evita at the Actor's Playhouse on Miracle Mile Coral Gables Florida, the most epic musical of all time. "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" obliterates the rest of Evita. This Andrew Lloyd Weber and Time Rice bio-musical from 1978, is certainly in my opinion the best collaboration and beautifully constructed show telling the story of Argentina's Eva Peron.

This robust revival directed by David Arisco is sharply energetic enough to convey the excitement of South American rhythms and beautiful costumes, not to mention the fabulous choreography.

Andrea Pilar charts this journey superbly. From the moment she appears, she creates a character full of life. Her voice is strong and powerful with an attractive catch, making each note count. Eugenio Vargas' Che, who as the commentator on the action is the man who holds the story together, looking forward and back, with an appealing voice and passion.

Feliciano Martinez, Gloria Alfonso MRN and Mary Fernandez
A must-see performance! On-stage through November 26th, following the Spanish production through December 17th 2017.


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