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Friday, November 4, 2016


News for those undecided voters, like myself, here's the deal, coming from a conservative family of republicans.. I will finally be casting my vote for Hillary....Why? After a thoughtful and more convincing move, if you will, it is a safer vote; Think about this for a minute, Hillary is under investigation by the FBI for corruption, obstruction of justice, and possibly emails, right? There is no way she will mess up as President, think again....She's under the radar, same as Huma, with a big red flag on top of her....

On the other hand, we have Donald Trump a billionaire with many personal issues of his own, 6 bankruptcies and a major law suit underway, the problems is however, he is NOT ON THE RADAR and can easily mess up BIG TIME!

At the end of the day, believe me, Hillary is the best choice for America without a doubt in my mind. My fellow Americans you can cast your vote for Hillary with confidence and peace of mind!

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