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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Biggest fight of the night...

 LAS VEGAS (AP) -- The big money continued rolling in just before fight time at this city's sports books, with several million-dollar bets on Floyd Mayweather Jr. to beat Conor McGregor.
Bookies had faced taking a big loss because McGregor tickets outnumbered Mayweather tickets by as much as 18-1 at some books. But the big bets started coming in Thursday on Mayweather and at the William Hill chain of sports books 74 percent of the money on straight bets was on Mayweather.

There were a handful of million-dollar bets on Mayweather, with three coming in just hours before the fight. The biggest reported bet on McGregor is $100,000.
Bookmakers say they still will post a big loss should McGregor beat Mayweather, especially if he stops him early. If Mayweather wins, though, it will be a big score by the sports books.

The sport will be boxing, and Mayweather, 40, is one of the most accomplished boxers ever. He is 49-0 with a dozen world titles in five weight classes. In the other corner will be a fighter not used to boxing out of corners. In fact, he hasn't boxed anybody since he was a teenager, and never professionally. McGregor, 29, is a two-time MMA champion and current Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight champion in a sport that includes kicking and body-slamming and occurs in an octagon-shaped cage.

The fight is expected to set records on pay-per-view, with some 5 million homes buying at $99.95. 

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